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Oliveiros Junior, Aka Utopia, was born in São Paulo, Brazil.
Self-taught visual artist since very young.

He always had great skills for arts, starting on graffiti in 1996 at the age of 13 in hip hop movement and SP graffiti.
At 16 very young, but with great competence and artistic ability, he was hired to give lessons, workshops and participate in various events for the government of São Paulo and Culture Secretariat from 1999 to 2004 .

Later he was hired by the city of Barueri to make art in urban-wide leisure areas from 2004 to 2008, giving the city more color and art.
His work gained recognition in Brazil in 2008.
He is invited to a Hip Hop festival in Europe and since then his work has spread to many countries.
Besides murals his work is very appreciated by many collectors, galleries and art lovers around the world.
Lisbon is where he currently lives and develops his creativity and art in his studio in Carcavelos (Double Trouble Studio) with the recognized and pioneer graffiti artist and street art in Portugal Nomen and Ram.
He attended in many art festivals, exhibitions and events.
His work can be found in many countries and his canvas paintings, sculpture and others are available all over the world such as Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Italy, Israel, Germany, USA, Netherlands, China, Austria, Poland, 
Finland and others.
His art has unique characteristics since tags such as Pichação and his creations (as his girls) have a unique and special beauty in simple and very complex strokes with his charming, look that brings the viewer a sense of magic and seduction.
He is a visual artist, besides painting he works with various materials as tiles, glass, mirrors, wood, mosaics and graffiti "

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